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Holy crap my textbook for my Introduction to Computer Games class name drops King’s Quest V, in the chapter on game audio of all places.

"The introduction of the Adlib and SoundBlaster sound cards in 1989 was highly significant. Between this and the later adoption of the Roland MT-32 sound module…, PCs finally sounded like viable gaming machines…. Around the same time, we saw the introduction of faster 386 processors and VGA graphics cards-but you can’t have real gaming without real audio! Between the CPU, audio, and video innovations that opened up the platform for seriously talented developers at studios such as LucasArts, Origin, and Sierra to jump in and get to work. Soon, the PC catapulted to the front to the pack for computer gaming with titles such as Wing Commander, The Secret of Monkey Island I and II, Space Quest IV, King’s Quest V-all of which took special advantage of VGA graphics cards, 386 processors, and a slew of aftermarket sound boards. These innovations in turn led to Windows 95 and DirectX, which helped standardize game development and sealed the PC’s place at the top of the heap for over a decade. It’s only now that the latest round of consoles, with their high definition 1080p and 5.1-channel surround sound capabilities, can really threaten or (in some cases) surpass PC gaming.”

Are you fucking kidding me?

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